Monthly Archives: February 2016

BitTorrent Defendant Fails to Byte Off Attorney’s Fees

Mass BitTorrent lawsuits have been in the news for several years now but appear to have reached a crescendo with and . A recent case out of the 8th Circuit is noteworthy because the otherwise successful defendant tried unsuccessfully to have the copyright owner pay her attorney’s fees. In , the plaintiff sued 20 unnamed…
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Trademark Scammers at It Again, Versus….Me!

Back in early 2015, I wrote a post relaying a USPTO and WIPO warning to trademark owners about unscrupulous companies that send very official-looking invoices asking for substantial amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing. Around that time, a trademark registration client forwarded a notice he had received from one of these scammers. Jump forward more than…
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“Teeth” of Copyright Law Getting Lots of Attention in 2016

Awards of statutory damages and attorney's fees give copyright law its “teeth” to discourage infringers. Sometimes, the mere credible possibility of these two remedies can force an early settlement of copyright infringement cases, and this year they are getting a lot of attention in two different arenas. Statutory Damages In January, the U.S. Commerce Department’s…
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