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Cease and desist letters are strategic documents, from their content to the timing of when to send them, which is why intellectual property rights owners should not rely on “one size fits all” solutions offered by non-lawyer online legal services websites.  Cease and desist letters (also known as "demand" letters) should not be written in a vacuum without legal advice, and that is why 30-minute consultations are given with every cease and desist letter package.

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If you are considering a new business formation in California and don’t know whether to form a corporation or start an LLC, Creative Vision Legal offers comprehensive legal advice with every business formation package.  If you are in a band, you may want to consider a band partnership agreement, which can help avoid common legal pitfalls by clarifying each band member’s rights and responsibilities.

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A trademark registration prevents others from using a name, slogan, or logo that is confusingly similar to yours.  A band name registration or business name trademark registration forms the backbone of your efforts to market and sell your goods and services, and represents a valuable investment in your intellectual property portfolio.

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A copyright registration is a valuable, yet affordable form of protection for intellectual property such as musical compositions, recordings, paintings, photographs, and even websites.  Once an IP asset has copyright protection through registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, you have the right to sue infringers of your works, and under certain circumstances may be awarded up to $150,000 for infringement along with other remedies unavailable to owners of unregistered works.

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Intellectual property contracts like nondisclosure agreements, licensing agreements, and collaboration agreements can help artists, bands, and businesses protect their intellectual property rights and get paid.  With every intellectual property contract package, you get an individualized legal consultation so your document is customized to your circumstances.

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Many small business owners overlook two critical steps when starting their businesses: limiting their personal liability by forming an LLC, and protecting their business names by getting a trademark registration. Failure to take these two steps can lead to the loss of your personal assets to pay the debts and liabilities of your business and trademark infringement claims if your business name is not properly cleared for use. Fortunately, you can form an LLC and get a trademark clearance and registration with the Small Business Legal Bundle.

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Whether your situation ultimately requires litigation or unbundled legal services for fulfilling your legal needs, early assessment is critical for identifying all of the options available based on the unique circumstances of your case.  The firm places an emphasis on comprehensive, early assessment of your case and timely, professional client communications to help chart a course to resolution in a cost-effective manner.

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