Monthly Archives: May 2015

Court Rejects Joint Authorship Argument in Overturning Previous Garcia Ruling

The Ninth Circuit overturned a controversial ruling from one of its own panels in a case involving the 2012 short film Innocence of Muslims. The en banc panel dissolved the earlier three-judge panel’s amended takedown injunction. Central to the court’s opinion was the issue of whether the contribution of Garcia, an actor in the film, qualified…
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Live Tweeting from 9th Circuit Oral Arguments in Bikram Yoga Case

I will be in the Ninth Circuit's Pasadena, CA courthouse (Courtroom 1) this Friday morning to live tweet from the oral arguments in Bikram's Yoga College of India v. Evolation Yoga LLC. There are three other cases on the docket and the day's arguments start at 9:30. The clerk has informed me that although the Bikram…
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Bikram Yoga Copyright Redux, Part 4

Part 4 of my series on the Bikram yoga copyright controversy breaks down Evolation’s answering brief. The appellees, winners on summary judgment regarding copyright invalidity of Bikram’s asana sequence, aim their brief squarely at the heart of the copyrightability issues surrounding Bikram’s sequence. Noticeably absent are any direct responses to the appellant’s opening brief arguments…
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