Monthly Archives: September 2014

Another Case to Add to the Beasties’ Greatest Legal Hits

A couple of weeks ago I made my splash into the blogosphere by announcing my intention, among other things, to write a post entitled "Beastie Boys: Greatest Legal Hits."  Now in light of the news just hitting the wire that Monster is being sued again over the same Beasties' songs, only this time by co-copyright owners Capitol and Universal, it looks…
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Calm Before the Copyright Storm: Thoughts on the Garcia v. Google Case

While we wait to see if the Ninth Circuit will revisit its decision in Garcia v. Google en banc regarding whether the plaintiff's performance in the movie “Innocence of Muslims” is an independently copyrightable work, and we watch as another actor appearing in the same movie jumps on the Garcia copyright infringement bandwagon, I’d like to offer some…
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