Monthly Archives: August 2015

You Can Tuna Piano But You Can’t Copyright a Chicken Sandwich

In a case reminiscent of the attempt last fall to protect pizza flavor as a trademark, a plaintiff’s argument seeking copyright protection for his chicken sandwich met with clucking disapproval from a federal court. Amazingly, that court was the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals (yes, the plaintiff appealed the District Court’s ruling), and it upheld the lower…
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4 Things Business Owners Should Know About the Trademark Clearinghouse

As a new internet era dawns with the continuous roll-out of new gTLDs (“generic top-level domains), business owners interested in protecting their valuable trademark rights and existing domains should be aware of four things regarding an organization that may not be well-known to most: the Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”). 1. What is the TMCH? The TMCH is the…
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