Michael Thomas Gives Interview on IP Law in Entrepreneur Video Program

An interview with yours truly about IP issues that should be on every entrepreneur's radar will air for a limited time for free on Tuesday September 26, 2017 at 4PM EST/1PM PST. The interview will be available for public viewing for 48-hours from that time.

The interview is part of a business entrepreneur video program called “The Nuts and Bolts Boot Camp™ on Revenue and Profit” that I took part in along with other lawyers, CPAs, and business advisors earlier this year. Each speaker talks about a critical aspect of running a business so that an entrepreneur can increase revenue, master cash flow, and maximize profits. The program was put together by Dawson Resources and Dianne Dawson, a business consultant, trainer, and "MC"/interviewer in the program.

As one of the speakers, I am authorized to offer this link to get a Free Pass to the program that comes with a high-value Case Study that you can download immediately. You’ll also be able to watch each interview as many times as you like during the 48-hours that it’s available to the public.  For a full list of the speakers and times their interviews go live, click here.

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