Getting Started

Getting online legal services with Creative Vision Legal is easy, convenient, and secure. The firm's secure client portal utilizes end-to-end encryption for all attorney-client communications, transfers of documents, and payment. Using the secure client portal requires users to create an account which takes a minute or two to set up.  Just follow the instructions below based on your particular situation.


Here is how you start:

  • Any of the buttons below will take you to a page for a particular category of legal service offered.  Once you arrive, choose the specific package you wish to purchase.  You can also use the "Try It Now" or "Preview" features without creating a client portal account to see how the firm's Rapidocs questionnaires work , but if you choose to save any information in the forms, you will be prompted to create an account.
  • After purchase, you will receive an invitation message to complete a questionnaire (if you already haven't done so) in your secure client portal and to schedule your initial 30-minute consultation. After the consultation, the firm's licensed, practicing lawyer will begin working on your legal service.


If you are not sure what legal service you need (for instance, should you incorporate or form an LLC), start by choosing whether you would like a "Legal Advice Phone Call" or "Legal Advice by Web Cam/Skype" for a 30-minute consultation with the firm's attorney.

  • If you choose to retain the firm for further legal services after your consultation, the price of the consultation will be credited toward the cost of the legal service package you ultimately choose. Once the balance of payment is received, the firm's licensed, practicing attorney will begin working on your package.

Of course, whether you know what legal service you need or not, feel free at any time to browse the firm's Legal Services overview page to find out useful information about the legal services offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I live in Dallas. Can your firm form an LLC for me in the state of Texas?"
Unfortunately, when it comes to business formations or contracts based on the laws of states other than California, the firm cannot provide legal services to you. However, if for example you are a band in New York that needs a band name trademark registration, or a business in Minnesota with a question about a contract based on California law, the firm can establish an attorney-client relationship with you in each of those situations.

"How do communications in the client portal work?"
Once you have created your personal client portal account, you can send messages to the firm in the portal that are encrypted and thus safe from disclosure to third parties. When the firm responds, a notification will be sent to your personal email account on file telling you that a message is waiting in your personal client portal account; log in to your account to view and respond to the message. Notification emails, whether sent to you or to the firm's attorney when you send a client portal message, WILL NEVER contain privileged information.

"Is payment safe on the firm's website?"
Payments are handled by Chase Paymentech within the secure client portal, and not by the firm itself. The client portal and the Chase Paymentech feature is provided by the DirectLaw® Virtual Law Firm platform, which delivers the same level of protection and security used by banks and features, among other things, U.S. government-standard 128-bit AES encryption, the HTTPS Protocol, and secure, state-of-the-art hosting facilities.

"How long will it take to deliver the legal service I purchased?"
It all depends on the legal service you purchased. Services that do not require registration of any kind (for example, licensing agreements, partnership agreements, or cease and desists letters) can take as little as 24 hours to complete after your consultation, or slightly longer depending on the complexity of your legal situation. If time is of the essence, let the firm know so expedited service can be accommodated.

For legal services that require registration with the state of California, like forming an LLC or incorporating your business, completion of your registration depends on the Secretary of State’s backlog of applications. In the firm's experience, without an expedited service request, an LLC registration for example can take as little as three weeks from filing the name reservation and articles of organization. Well before the registration process is over, your customized operating agreement or bylaws will be completed, usually within a couple of days after your consultation.

Trademark registrations can take the longest because of the complexity of the review and publication process at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In the case of a simple word mark in one international class, plan on registration taking anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Legal services requiring registration can, of course, be expedited with the government agency involved for an extra fee; if you need expedited service, be sure to tell the firm in a client portal communication immediately following sign up, or discuss this option during your consultation.