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WIPO Warning Highlights Trademark Registration Scammers

Here’s the scenario: you recently filed a trademark application to register your mark with the USPTO and of course, paid the fee. Within weeks, you received a very official-looking correspondence from an organization that sounds strikingly similar to the USPTO, but something is not quite right. For starters, they are asking for more money, but…
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Trademark Registrations An Even Better Value After USPTO Fee Drop

In a curious instance of federal government generosity, the USPTO has approved drops in registration fees for TEAS and TEAS Plus trademark applications from $325 and $275 per class to $275 and $225 respectively. The fee drop was announced in the Federal Register on December 16th and was not a case of good cheer after…
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Use of #SkinnyPuppy Music During #Torture Raises Interesting #Copyright Question

The industrial band Skinny Puppy sent the Department of Defense a bill in the amount of $666,666 for using its music during alleged acts of torture. Besides the obvious questions about whether use of the band's music under these circumstances amounts to infringement, the allegations raise an interesting question of the application of U.S. copyright law…
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Bad Moon on the Rise for Fogerty in Lawsuit over Band Name

John Fogerty’s former bandmates have filed a suit for trademark infringement and related breach of contract claims over Fogerty’s use of the registered mark “Creedence Clearwater Revival.”  A settlement agreement reached in 2001 between Fogerty and other members contains provisions governing use of the name, which suggests there either was no partnership agreement even though…
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