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Court Ices Writer’s Copyright Infringement Case vs. Disney’s “Frozen”

An author of children's books was dealt a fatal blow in her copyright infringement suit over the movie "Frozen" when a district court in California granted Disney's motion to dismiss. Muneefa Abdullah, author of the 2007 story “The Snow Princess,” sued Disney and others, claiming that Disney had access to her story due to its worldwide release and…
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Screenplay Copyright Infringement Defendants Win Attorney’s Fees Award

The screenplay copyright infringement defendants in Counts v. Meriweather, a case reported on here in February, completed their success when the court ordered an award of attorney's fees. Fox won $548,772 in attorneys’ fees and William Morris won $220,063. This award comes on the heels of a recent attorney's fees award in the 2nd Circuit (Southern District of…
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Five Tools for Stopping Imported Counterfeits of Your IP

Owners of intellectual property utilized in connection with imported merchandise (for example, jewelry made from copyrighted designs, trademarks affixed to apparel, or patented devices) have every reason to be concerned about counterfeits from overseas. While monitoring counterfeiting seems like a daunting task, small business owners with IP have five tools at their disposal that can potentially thwart…
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Skills to Pay MORE Bills: Beasties Win Attorneys’ Fees in TufAmerica Case

It has clearly been a couple of great years on the legal front for the surviving members of the Beastie Boys and the estate of Adam Yauch. The latest success occurred last week when a district court in New York awarded the Beasties and co-defendants Universal-Polygram International Publishing and Capital Records $845,597.23 in attorneys’ fees and costs…
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