Small Business Legal Bundle

Small Business Legal Bundle

A lot of small business owners overlook two key legal strategies when starting up a new business: (1) forming an entity for your business and (2) obtaining a business name trademark registration. Instead of handling these tasks up front, some business owners assume these things are not worth the money or promise themselves they will take care of them once they are “up and running.” However, forming an LLC is one of the best ways to protect your personal assets from the debts and liabilities of your business, and registering a trademark can clear the way for exclusive use of your business name to build brand identity.


Michael J Thomas, Attorney

“Don’t start your business off on the wrong foot. Download the free pdf and watch the video, and then protect your business with the Small Business Legal Bundle from Creative Vision Legal!”

    - Michael J. Thomas, Founder & Attorney
To find out how to get your small business or start-up moving on the path to success, get Creative Vision Legal’s free pdf “Two Legal Strategies for Small Business Success” which reveals:

  • Why forming an LLC or incorporating may be right for your business
  • How to maximize protection of your personal assets from the debts & liabilities of your business
  • Why trademark protection for your business name is the cornerstone of your brand identity
  • Basic steps to clearing your business name for use & obtaining a trademark registration