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Bikram Yoga Copyright Redux, Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on the Bikram yoga copyright controversy, I analyze the district court opinions in the OSYU and Evolation cases, and then compare and contrast the two. Basis for Bikram’s Copyright Claims in the Yoga Sequence But first it is worth noting the basis for Bikram’s copyright claims in his yoga…
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Two Legal Strategies for Small Business Success

So you've taken your business from a seed of an idea to opening day.  It can seem like a long road to start your own business, and no doubt a lot of equity, both sweat and monetary, went into it. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners overlook two key legal strategies for success because…
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Bikram Yoga Copyright Redux, Part 1

The Bikram yoga copyright controversy arguably ranks as one of the most (if not the most) interesting copyright dispute of this century thus far. While most copyright cases that garner attention these days focus on the cutting-edge (see Aereo, and last decade Napster), the Bikram controversy focuses on the ancient. Throw in a larger-than-life personality…
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Check Your Head (and Wallet): New Beasties Suit for Legal Fees

In the Beastie Boys' continuing saga against Monster, the group has filed another suit on the heals of its 2014 victory for copyright infringement. In the complaint filed over the weekend the group asks the same court to award attorneys' fees and costs, which ended up being substantially more than the damages award received in…
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