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Bikram Yoga Copyright Case Update: Oral Arguments Set for May

Oral arguments for the Bikram yoga copyright case in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been set for May 8, 2015 in Pasadena, California. Bikram is appealing a district court ruling for partial summary judgment in favor of defendant Evolation LLC on the copyrightability of his sequence of 26 yoga postures. The case is Bikram's…
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Tales of the Infringing Cat

Oh those pesky felines. Or should I say, oh those pesky YouTube bots. Copyright infringing kittens have apparently taken over YouTube, to the disdain of the bot overlords. Check out for a story line that is sadly only going to get worse.   Exceedingly cute photo by © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons
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Bikram Yoga Copyright Redux, Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on the Bikram yoga copyright controversy, I analyze the district court opinions in the OSYU and Evolation cases, and then compare and contrast the two. Basis for Bikram’s Copyright Claims in the Yoga Sequence But first it is worth noting the basis for Bikram’s copyright claims in his yoga…
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